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Who Is Fabian?

When a song hit the internet entitled “Prison Warder” the internet went into a frenzy Alkaline dropped a diss track taking aim on everyone who seem to be anti vendetta. We all know that...


Tommy Lee 3MILLA

Its been touching the media circle that the Sparta Boss Tommy Lee Just may have hit the jackpot…It is said that Tommy Lee has won a case he was fighting against Dominica and won...


Old Or New Vybz?

    There’s a new kartel song floating around called “Portmore City” You can hear that the voice and flow sounds like the old Vybz kartel that we first knew before all the antics...


Still…Dah Gully Gawd

With Mavado’s adventures with the “We The Best” record labeled didnt go as planned. Mavado made his way back to yard the questions is would they accept him back after his disappearance. As you...


Still….The Genna

2017 Everyone is anticipating what the Lead Genna  Aidonia has planned. In 2016 he has dibbed and dabbed in the dancehall scene to maintain that he is still around. He made sure to satisfy...

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