General Info
The main goal of our sponsorship program is to incorporate the sponsor’s message throughout the web site. Sponsors can choose from three forms of advertising: Banner Ads (three sizes). The characteristics and pricing for each option is described below.

All banner ads placed on SoundGoodEnt have the option of “hyper-linking” to your existing web page. If you do not have a banner, website or advertising page, our staff of professional web developers will produce one for you. This page may be hosted on our server or reside elsewhere.

Advertising Period
All ads placed on the SoundGoodEnt site, are based on a 6 months and 12 months contractual period.

Banner Ad Links
The ads are either linked to the advertiser’s existing Website or to the advertiser’s Facebook page.

Ad Approval
All banners and other contents placed by advertisers on SoundGoodEnt are subject to approval by SoundGoodEnt.

The SoundGoodEnt retains the right to refuse or terminate all ads that do not meet our requirements.

Banner Art Requirements
Large Banners: 728 × 90 pixels, Format: GIF or JPEG
Square Banners: 300 × 300 pixels, Format: GIF or JPEG
Medium Button Banners: 300 x 50 pixels Image Format: GIF or JPEG
Small Button Banners: 120 x 30 pixels Format: GIF or JPEG
Image Size: 72 dpi at actual size
File size should be no greater than 15k.
Ads containing Java scripts or animation must be pre-approved by SoundGoodEnt.

Banner Advertising
There are 3 types of banner advertising available on

Large Banners (728 x 90 pixels) – which appear at the top of selected pages.

Square Banners (300 x 300 pixels) – which appears on right side or bottom every of the page.

Medium Button Banners (300 x 50 pixels) – which appears on right side or bottom every of the page.

Rates – Banner Ad Only
Large Banners: $30/mths. Six month minimum
Medium Button Banners: $20/mths. Six month minimum
Small Button Banners: $10/mths. Six month minimum

All advertisements MUST BE PREPAID before advertising will appear on

For more information, please contact us by Email