Lets see how good your knowledge of dancehall is!!


You have dancehall in your blood!!

Do you know dancehall?…Not so much.

#1. Who won the 2020 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album?

#2. When does “Sting” take place in Jamaica?

#3. This dancer created the dance “Sesame Street”. Who is it?

#4. This artist stars as “Biggs” in the movie “Shottas”.

#5. This artist calls himself “Warlord”. Who is it?

#6. He is also called “Energy God”. Who is it?

#7. This artist is known for his hit song titled “Bake Bean”.

#8. “Just bubble fi me baby, use yuh hand hold me and please don’t let me go-oh-oh.” Who sang this song?

#9. This Portugese-Chinese-Jamaican artist helped jumpstart a dancehall surge in the U.S. with a few hit songs in 2002.

#10. Which artist is also known as “6ixx Boss”?


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