Can you match these songs to the artist?

Can you guess which dancehall artist sang these popular songs?


Your Dancehall knowledge is about average!!

Your Dancehall knowledge needs some work!!

#1. Gyal Bruk Out, Formula, Champion Boy

#2. Ride It, Kotch, Broad Out

#3. Go Go Club, Clarks, Dumpa Truck

#4. Backaz, Puppy Tail, Lazy Body

#5. Dweet/Genna Bounce, Fling Yuh Shoulder, Flair is in the Air

#6. Only Man She Want, Family, Silence

#7. Tic Toc, Bedroom Bully, Stay So

#8. Hold Yuh, I Can Feel Your Pain, Non Stop

#9. Do Sum’n, Gal a Bubble, Bruk off Yuh Back

#10. No Boring Gyal, Bruki, Yeah Yeah