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Blak Ryno – Mek it Numb (Raw) -Snake Wine Riddim

Blak Ryno – Mek it Numb (Raw) [Snake Wine Riddim] a track out the garrison produced by knocturnal records and platinum kids. #blakryno #platinumkids #knockturnalrecords #garrison #dancehall #2017 Listen to Blak Ryno – Mek...



Today World Boss And 3 other co defendents has been granted appeal cases for charges they are currently serving time for. This is great news for the gaza nation and dancehall itself. Now we...


System Vs Kartel 

Its amazing how a broken system can use dancehall artist as scapegoats for problems in the ghetto community. It amazes me that people in political power say with a straight face we need to...


Alkaline Is A Free Man

Alkaline has been released as promised by the police after extensive questioning that led to police holding him for over 72 hours. He was released earlier today. I hope this is a wake up...


Who Is Fabian?

When a song hit the internet entitled “Prison Warder” the internet went into a frenzy Alkaline dropped a diss track taking aim on everyone who seem to be anti vendetta. We all know that...

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