Fox News Nitwit Laura Ingraham Blames Weed For Mass Shootings


Laura Ingraham, host of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News...

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Laura Ingraham garners a lot of attention due to her propensity to spew awful takes about the state of affairs in the nation, skewed of course to an audience seemingly rabid for division. The Fox News host attempted to blame the rise of mass shootings occurring on marijuana use but folks on Twitter are collecting Ingraham as expected.

Laura Ingraham decided to put her narrow-minded focus on marijuana use in the wake of the Highland Park shooting tragedy that left seven dead and scores injured.  Amazingly, Ingraham accused those presumably on the left of fearmongering but she is clearly using a tired trope regarding pot users and violent behavior.

Mind you, Ingraham wouldn’t dare link the recent rash of shootings to the lax gun laws in many parts of the country or how many are emboldened to be lawless due to former President Donald Trump seemingly (and perhaps literally?) getting away with murder.

The title of the segment, “What They Ignore: High THC Use And Increased Psychosis,” was meant to strike fear into the hearts of Middle America and spark concerns among the parents of teens who might be next to succumb to the Svengali-like effects of the green leaf. This isn’t Ingraham’s first attempt at getting the “Reefer Madness” train going and she’s hosted anti-marijuana proponents before to her program in order to spread this false gospel.

Thankfully, there is a vast community of people far smarter than Ingraham on the matter that have been gathering her as they should on Twitter. We’ve got a number of those reactions below.

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