Joe Budden Slams Adam22 For Resurfacing Kevin Samuels Content


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Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Joe Budden is now a member of the media by way of his popular eponymously named podcast, and now he’s using his position as a leader to challenge others in the space. During a recent episode, the retired rapper challenged Adam22 and his decision to unearth Kevin Samuels footage after the passing of the relationship guru.

Adam22 joined the crew of The Joe Budden Podcast and the topic of Kevin Samuels was raised by Budden, who felt that his guest uploading an interview he conducted with Samuels as a means to drive traffic to his channels was, in Budden’s words, “nasty.”

Without flinching, Adam22 took Budden’s criticism head on, making mention that Budden himself is in the same space where bad news is still news. It then led to Adam22 and the hosts having a spirited discussion of proper conduct when it comes to media output.

The video featuring Adam22 on The Joe Budden Podcast can be viewed below.

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