Popcaan Was To Busy To Answer Alkaline

In the latest installment in the dancehall feud between popcaan and alkaline many were  wondering why we didn’t see much out of the unruly boss since alkaline fired his shots.Well it seems we have got our answer. The unruly boss was simply to busy to pay alkaline any mind. Popcaan had a big performance at this years “Rebel Salute” One of Jamaica’s largely attended stage shows. If that is not an answer to the shots on recent songs, i dont know what is being that alkaline’s home fans haven’t seen him on a Jamaican stage in over 2 years. It really showed the difference of levels the two have with alkaline making fans fall in love with his music from his studio Popcaan does both. Now that Rebel Salute is over maybe might just get a response to the 2 songs Alkaline has sent Popcaans way


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