Its “Shain Wong” The Great One now BUZZING Social Media

The Producer/Artist who is still under development said he’s never had anyone around to encourage him to take the stage but working alongside Palm Tree Flow Records  gave him the much need guidance. “Music is something that has been a passion an on going drive to motivate myself to make it in the music business, I want everyone to no the name Shain Wong”. Shain already has a single titled “Ride” which is up 639k view along with “Addiction” which is up 445k views. His track record is building and has already worked alongside Rikroot currently sign to Palm Tree Flow Records who is also (Konshens baby brother), completed the Break Out EP Album and just recently The Warm Up Compilation Album did a collaboration with Dane Ray, Canadian Rapper G Harmon, Dancehall Artist IQ, Stacious and Raine Seville.  Its without a doubt Shain Wong is on his way.



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