the old witch & her minions

di old witch gyal & her "unlearned" friend dem get whole heap a money fi sink kartel dem eno. Including jamaica dutty corruption police dem. That's why from the jump, unuh violate di teacha constitutional rights, privacy rights, tamper with phone/video evidence, coach witness and alter cell site information. But God nuh like ugly , the same privy council show the world say unuh is a bunch of criminals!!!! That's why unuh wah run to CCJ, so unuh can cookup the citizens weh unuh no like. But a di same hungry belly ppl dem weh a run backa unuh, a fi dem poverty pickney dem a go suffer! So mek dem gwaan run back a unuh wid dem waggonist mentality Choo dem nuh like Vybz Kartel. Cause Kartel can afford it, but they can't.