Video: Belly Ft. Rick Ross “Cocaine Spoon”

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Hot off the release of his Mumble Rap 2, Belly’s cooking with “Cocaine Spoon” in his new video alongside Rick Ross.

Directed by Darren Craig, Belly and Rozay trade sleek bars while transporting a mysterious package on a dark night.

“That’s why I got no love for these demons, these women come and go / Wipe your nose, take a bump for this bumpy road,” raps Belly as he rides shotgun with a glamorous blonde bombshell.

“Bitches all on my dick / Like I bought ’em a brick,” adds Ross from a back of a truck before joining Belly on a pitch black beach. “Her pussy a beast / Like she pissed on my seats.”

The Hit-Boy and Roget-produced track is off Belly’s new album Mumble Rap 2, which also features collaborations from Gucci Mane, NAV, and Gil Scott-Heron.

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