Video: Key Glock “Forgive Me”

Dear Lord,

Key Glock wipes away his sins in his new video, “Forgive Me”.

In the eerie clip, the Memphis rapper dons a habit and partakes in a few rituals at a sanctuary accompanied by a pastor, nuns, and a couple of eye-candy.

“Uh, Lord forgive me for my sins,” he raps. “I’m ’bout to kill these fuck niggas once again / Yup, jumped off the porch, no pad, no pen / Yeah, all I really had was a stick on my hip.”

“Forgive Me” is one of the five tracks off Key Glock’s recent EP, PRE5L which was released on the one year anniversary of Young Dolph’s passing last month.

In related news, Young Dolph’s posthumous album Paper Route Frank drops Friday (Dec. 16).

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