Video: Rick Hyde “Arrivederci”

Big Buffalo shit.

Black Soprano Family’s Rick Hyde revisits his Stigma EP with its “Arrivederci” video.

Courtesy of Shot By SV, Rick unleashes his gritty raps while cruising in a Polaris Slingshot and lighting up in the studio with hefty bags of weed.

“They was hating on me then, niggas hating on me still,” raps Hyde over the Daringer-produced beat. “Now everybody just a opp and all your music like it’s drill / It’s a thirty in the clip, yeah, I’m talking ’bout a reel / Once it hit, you gon’ do a 360 like your deal.”

Stigma was released last year featuring eight tracks including contributions from his B$F compadres Benny The Butcher, Loveboat Luciano, and Jonezy.

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