White Man Who Signed AI Rapper FN Meka Loved Using The N-Word

FN Meka

Source: Virtual Humans / Virtual Humans

FN Meka was a debacle from the time the digitally-created “rapper” was rolled out to the masses and the controversy that ensued eventually lead to a dissolved record deal with Capitol Records. It has since come forth that much like the AI rapper, the white man who signed FN Meka to his label reportedly had a penchant for using the N-word at will.

According to a detailed report from Rolling Stone, Anthony Martini, who works as an executive at Royalty Exchange, was once the frontman for a New Jersey Rap Metal band, E.Town Concrete, and was known for using the racially-charged slur during tracks and performances. Across the band’s first two albums, the N-word was used by Martini, who went by the names Ant-Money and Ignant Ass Ant.

The band enjoyed a solid run in the Garden State but never blew up but that style of quasi-hardcore Hip-Hop slash rock was definitely the sound du jour of the early aughts. We’ll spare readers any triggering moments by not going into the lyrics vault for Martini’s lyrics but we took a spin and, yep, the slur was definitely said on E.Town Concrete’s 1997 debut album Time 2 Shine.

Martini has apparently been made aware of his use of the slur as a recent E.Town Concreate performance in California was reportedly free of the n-word. The outlet, however, noted that as recently as 2018, Martini dropped the slur during a show in Philadelphia.

FN Meka was signed to Factory New, a record label for virtual reality artists and Martini was big on the project when the signing took place back in 2020. Despite the appearance of FN Meka, it was later revealed that Houston rapper Kyle the Hooligan, who is Black, provided the voice for a handful of tracks that he alleges he’s never been paid for.

The fall of FN Meka began when news of his signing to Capitol Records and a single with Gunna went wide. Later, a social media post from the rapper depicting that he was roughed up by police went out to the public and aided the hasty end of FN Meka’s partnership with Capitol due to online backlash. Martini also stepped away from Factory New after the criticism grew too loud.