Has Alka Copied Kartel To Much ?

The self proclaimed  1Don Alkaline as of this morning is still in police custody after a weekend of questioning. Now what i’m here to talk about today is who is responsible for letting alklaine get into such troubles at this height of his career. It went from a person of interest to a 4 day lock down for the artist. It seems alkaline has hung his hat where he cant reach it. In my own opinion alkaline called this down on himself much like Vybz Kartel. I knew personally that once alkaline started to call himself “1 Don” The word don is nothing to talk especially if you are in  financial position to make moves like one. Now when any little thing happen in his part of yard anyone can now say alka tell me do it and police will pull him in every time just because he started calling himself a don. You would think alka would be smarter than that with a living example going at him in dancehall. Hopefully they release him today as spoken on the news and he clears all this trouble up.


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