Still….The King Of Dancehall

What a Year it has been for the King Of Dancehall Vybz Kartel, the mere fact that I am able to write about what this man is accomplishing from behind bars has never been seen or done in the music business period. Vybz Kartel again from behind bars drops another album entitled King Of Dancehall

And who knew that this album would be the album that seperated kartel from the rest. His album top the i tune charts and billboards going head on with international us and european artist.  A field that he shouldn’t even be in because of his visa problems none of which stop him from breaking records with his #1 album. With all this success you would forget the man is behind bars fighting for freedom through appeal during this all. His Song Fever #1 All over the world it brought  that vibe back to dancehall the times when the only worries is your drink and the next person you were going to dance with Lol. Kartel even went to war with mavado again gully vs gaza 2 had dancehall breathing fresh air again it was well needed as short as it was. Many people were under the impression that kartel couldn’t go to war from jail because of restrictions well let me tell you that was not the case. The war if you paid attention to it brought that old Mavado back the war cry mavado before he went to we the best. Strangely kartel once again out smarts mavado with the diss of the year “Round Cornah” This diss in one week hit a million views on youtube and the hightlights of the diss was the lyrical murder and flow-menship of kartel. That diss was cemented when kartel sent ah jab at the “lickle blind bwoyy” as he calls alkaline that was enough to make the people want the new more appealing war and not a gully vs gaza repeat and shelling mavado who mainly used prison disses baby mother and kids eating ice cream jokes and that  couldn’t hold up to Kartel

I mean really lil kartel vs big kartel who wouldn’t wanna see it…but the war with mavado got him moved after the prison claims they found cell phone in his cell and it was than alkaline took the bone and replied to kartel…kartel laughed the diss off on instagram and continued on his way. With the appeal hearing coming the anticipation for kartel to be free  is at a all time high what welcome is waiting for kartel if he indeed is freed by the police……Just Know Kartel Is Never Up To Nothing… He even joked about having 1000 songs ready and told his fans get a bigger gig memory card so it can hold the music …2017 Gaza Fans Here We Go  First Song Of The Year Gwannn HOLD ITTT.#FREEWORLDBOSS


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