Still… The Top Strikerr

What can we say about the upcoming artist Masicka. Well he is representing the genocide camp which is clearly a shot at Aidonia Genna sqaud. Being ready and constantly knocking on Aidonia’s war door alone shows this guy is nothing to play around with. His Music Like ones before him speaks for the ghetto yutes who chose the strictly talent route. With Masicka there is no gimmicks no extra element that makes you look at him other than his talent as a dj. The road he chose is the better respected one with his songs finally hitting the dancehall with more precision he is aligning himself to be the upcoming general of his generation, with songs like “hardball” nearly outshining Alkaline’s  “Champion Boy” which took dancehall by storm masicka proves as time progresses he is ready to take on the the best up and coming. With collabs with Bounty Killer and other respected artist under his belt and his current managing deal with Kartel Ex manger Cory Todd he seems focused and ready for 2017.  2016 was a very successful one for him as he shows by showing off his new BMW.

We will see what the year has in stored for Masicka i will be keeping a close eye on his moves and steady subliminal beef with Aidonia. Until we wait on dancehalls Top Striker



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