Still….The Genna

2017 Everyone is anticipating what the Lead Genna  Aidonia has planned. In 2016 he has dibbed and dabbed in the dancehall scene to maintain that he is still around. He made sure to satisfy his female fan base with his bruck out songs

but broke their hearts as they watch the Lead Genna jump the broom. With his low key beef with upcoming dancehall dj Masicka many anticipated war but instead heard news of marriage. He sent small shots a punch there a kick there but nothing major enough to amount to acknowledgment. We all enjoy Aidonia gyal tunes but we all remember saying “if ah nah Kartel its DIddy” Well late in 2016 aidonia began dropping songs that seem like warning shots for the 2017 year that is amoungst  us. One Song that especially  stands out from the rest is the song “bagga” it brings back the murky and and drairy war cry from aidonia his fans love and not to mention a new rhyme scheme. A great comeback from the absence of all out war in dancehall last year with mavado and aidonia clash itching to begin 2017 can very well be the year of The Genna


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