Video: Lil Yachty “Solo Steppin Crete Boy”

Look ‘Crete.

Lil Yachty’s got some bars on his recent track, “Solo Stepping Crete Boy” which pulls up alongside its music video.

Wrapped in the U.S. flag, Lil Boat ridding in the back of Hummer EV and posted up at a Buddhist monastery alongside a red Mercedes.

“Anywhere, everywhere, he don’t give a damn / Empty the clip, reload the clip, we call it sleight of hand,” he raps. “My memory bad, so I’m fuckin’ baby on cam’ / Bottega coat, I copped, R.I.P to couple M’s.”

“Solo Steppin Crete Boy” arrived alongside “Slide” from last week’s double-release and are the follow-ups to his previously released “Strike (Holster)“.

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